Маршрут 2016

О маршруте 2016 года пока известно не много.
Старт: 19 июня 2016 года, Пекин
Финиш: 23 июля 2016 года, Париж

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Peking to Paris 2016

The 2013 edition of the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge has gone down as what the winner of the Classics Category, Gerry Crown, described at the gala-prizegiving dinner as “by far the best yet.” He should know… he is the only driver to have driven all four of the retrospective Peking to Paris events, including the first which crossed Tibet and opened up the border with Nepal back in 1997.

The Rally Office receives a constant stream of requests for information about our plans for Peking to Paris 2016. With the majority saying they are keen to drive the route which proved so successful in 2013 we are pleased to announce that the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge 2016 will be driving to Paris over an enhanced route based on the 2013 event.

We still have plans for a return to Tibet but we are accepting current advice that this can only be driven again with a strict limit of around 50 participants in total. We therefore will be running a separate Himalayan Mountain Challenge, in July 2017, driving a route from Beijing to the Taj Mahal. More details on this will appear on this website.

The Route

We will be enhancing the 2013 route – a route that drives into the most adventurous region of Mongolia, the stunningly beautiful northern sector. We will cross into Russia with the support of the Russian motor-federation who worked with us in seeking out long gravel farm-land sections for our Time Trials, and the Ukraine motor-federation who closed down streets in town-centres where we arrived at the end of the day to be mobbed by thousands of well-wishers and enthusiastic spectators…. and drive an exciting new route across Europe with closed-road mountain climbs in the Alps. Highly acclaimed in 2013 the challenge for the Organisation is make Peking Paris 2016 even better.